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Chamundi Structurals established in the year 2007 is involved in the business of Construction Engineering and creating world-class Industrial Infrastructures. We believe working in tandem with all our clients from ideation and design phase, to developing, building and handing over with an ingrained professionalism. We take pride in contributing our bit to the Industrial Growth.


Our Services

Pre-Engineered Building Systems

An exceptional increase in the need to build factories, warehouses and other industrial infrastructures pretty quickly and efficiently are met by Pre Engineered Building Systems. PEBs employ lighter steel and other materials and are cost-effective. Our expertise in building PEB systems rightly assists your endeavor.

Factory Construction

Construction of factories demands civil engineering expertise and knowledge on the factory-type coming up. This is an essential ingredient in determining what type of materials can be employed in factory construction. Our accumulated experience and our skills help you build the right infrastructure at the right cost.

Industrial Piping

Factory piping needs are indeed specialized needs. The various chemicals that pass through the pipes make them special. Hence tailoring the piping needs is an absolute necessity. We assist perfectly in assessing the materials that might pass through the industrial pipes and install them with engineering precision.

Steel Fabrication

The detailed and high-quality stainless steel fabrication we provide are skillfully designed to meet the requirements of any industry. Our experienced and qualified welders, fabricators and installers, along with the infrastructure we boast, provide you with the desired output that measures to the customer’s specifications and need.

Structural Fabrication

Structural designs need to be practical, innovative and cost-effective while it fulfills the objective for which the fabrication is done. Our expertise in PEBs, fabrication, piping and factory construction linked with an in-depth analysis and the budget gives us the know-how of constructing truly world-class structural fabrications.


Our Factory is located in Ranipet Industrial Area. With a spread of over an acre of land, the workshop can cater to any kind of fabrication works, including structural fabrications. Our plant is equipped with all necessary machinery and tools that are used for on-site purposes. The infrastructure we have can accommodate any kinds of steel fabrication and structural fabrication work we undertake.

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Workplace Safety at Chamundi Structurals

Workplace safety is of utmost importance at Chamundi Structurals. We make sure that all our employees, whether full-time or contracted, wear the necessary safety gears and Personal Protective Equipments during their work. We strongly believe that investing in safety is not a cost but it is rather an asset. Ensuring the wellbeing of our employees is indeed our prime duty. We believe that our employees are our assets and hence the safety of our employees is indeed paramount.