Industrial Piping

What is Industrial Piping?

Industrial Piping demands expertise in not only assessing the flow of the liquid material in the pipes but also assessing the nature of chemicals that will flow. This is absolutely essential because the industrial pipes laid have to withstand the corrosive nature of chemicals. Hence the Industrial pipe laying contractors should be experts in knowing the effects of various industrial chemicals. They should also have expertise in determining if various chemicals discharged by the industry might react. Hence the piping solution has to take every one of these factors into consideration before they are laid.

Industrial Piping with Chamundi Structurals



Chamundi Structurals has gained years of experience in laying industrial pipes
industrial solution

Industrial Solutions

Our industry piping solution is holistic in its approach. Our approach takes into consideration the nature of chemicals that flow in the pipe, its viscosity, its reactionary principles, etc

qualified professional

Qualified Professionals

Our qualified professionals possess the necessary knowledge of chemicals to understand and determine the flow of the chemicals through the pipes


We give a clear report on the network of pipes to be laid without compromising on quality

On Time Delivery

We leverage technology where necessary and deliver our projects on time as planned
turnkey expertise

Turnkey Expertise

We possess the turnkey expertise to execute any kind of industrial piping solutions
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