Pre Engineering
Building Systems(PEB)

Pre Engineered Building Systems are typically made of steel structures that include columns and various structural support, roofing and wall cladding. The PEBs can also be integrated with external claddings as required.

The main columns of the structure consist of rigid built-up frames that are fabricated from plate steel. They are then formed into an ā€œIā€ shape by certain manufacturing processes. There are usually no intermediate columns, and maximum clear span can be achieved. Many supporting steel frames and structures called Purlin, Struts, Wall Bracings, Girts, Rafters, etc, run along the entire upper and side surface of the superstructure to offer support to roofs and walls.

Why are Pre Engineered Building Systems (PEBS) preferred over conventional Structure Factory Buildings?

  • PEBs employ lighter roofing system and other materials in their construction.
  • They allow large intermediate column-free enclosures thereby offering more space with clear span.
  • An efficiently designed PEB system is said to be 30% lighter than the conventional factory buildings.
  • PEBs satisfy a broad range of structural and design requirements of a factory building.
  • They can be quickly constructed when compared to conventional structures.
  • They are also cost-effective.

PEBS by Chamundi Structurals



Chamundi Structurals has many years of experience in building PEBs for varied industries
qualified builders

Qualified builders

Our qualified builders possess the necessary technical and turnkey expertise to execute any kind of PEBS
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Best of results

Our leverage on technology gives us an edge to always produce the best of results

On time

Our process orientation spirit enables to deliver any projects on time as envisaged
pebs solutions

PEBS solutions

We have experienced Construction Engineers who value the relationship and in that process guide our clients for the best possible PEBS solutions
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One-stop destination

We Construct PEBs encompassing all related works like erections, civil works, concrete works, electrical, plumbing, industrial piping and other mechanical works. Chamundi Structurals is effectively a one-stop destination to get all your PEBS related work done
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